Follea  Transforms Your Look, Instantly

At various stages of life, a women's hair can change, altering its texture, thickness and density and causing excessive shedding and hair loss. Our Follea® Enhance solutions offer you the beauty of 100% natural human hair in a variety of lengths, colors and scalp coverage to enhance your look.

Virtually undetectable,
Topettes work with existing
hair to add extra coverage
on the top of the scalp
where thinning occurs.
Tailored to the individual,
each piece captures the
essence of the woman within.


Prepare to be inspired.
From the best lace front
wigs available to the most
exquisite, natural human
hair, these works of art
come alive and effortlessly
surrender to a women's
every movement.


From specialty kits to help
you find the perfect piece,
to tools and clips for
comfort and care, we
have many accessories
to enhance
your wearing
hair experience.


Daniel Alain is here to support you
throughout the entire process of
owning and caring for your perfect
Follea hair piece.  We are committed
to helping you enjoy the absolute
best experience and invite you
to access valuable information
on our policies and services.


Throughout life hair transforms,
reflecting various stages of change.
As hair evolves, a constant truth remains,
the desire for beautiful, full, amazing hair.