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Clinically-Proven Hair Shedding Treatment – Works 1st Time

Clinically-Proven Hair Shedding Treatment – Works 1st Time

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Stop excessive hair shedding and hair loss up to 77% in just one use*. 

INTACT secures hair at the root by contracting the arrector pili muscle at the hair follicle.  The patented and clinically-proven locking action dramatically reduces the amount of hair lost and pulled out during washing, brushing and styling for the ultimate control over losing your hair. 

INTACT is a pre-shampoo scalp treatment formulated for all hair types.  For best results, always use prior to washing hair to reduce hair loss.  Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, oils, SD-alcohol, artificial dyes and gluten.  Vegan-friendly and color-safe.

In addition to minimizing hair loss, INTACT hydrates and moisturizes without build-up to revive hair with improved body, volume, shine and softness.


Available Sizes & Price:

  • 2 Fl Oz / 60 mL Trial & Travel Size for $27.00
  • 4 Fl Oz / 120 mL Full Size, Best Value for $37.00
  • 13.5 Fl Oz / 400ml Professional Size for $74.50

*Clinically-proven in a controlled efficacy study to reduce the number of hairs shed (lost) during washing and brushing.  Peer-reviewed and published 2017 Wiley Dermatological Therapy.

  • Reduces hair shedding up to 77%
  • Imparts incredible body, volume & shine
  • Results after just one use
  • Leaves scalp moisturized
  • Smooths & softens hair
  • Improves detangling
  • Build-up & residue-free

Hair Loss & Beauty Benefits All in One

Secures Hair

Contracts the arrector pili muscle at the hair follicle. Locks hair at the root.


Lifts at the root without product build-up. Hair feels light & bouncy.

Conditions Scalp

Soothes & calms.
Leaves scalp feeling moisturized.

Reduces Breakage

Creates moisture balance. Improved elasticity & strength. Protects the cuticle.

Creates Shine

Brilliant, vibrant hair. Weightless, non-greasy. Oil & silicone-free.

Softens Hair

Enhanced hydration. Improved combability. Silky, touchable hair.


"Thank you for making a seriously amazing product that had this momma crying tears of joy when she saw that there was not a huge clump of hair in the shower drain! I am so happy to have found this product. THANK YOU!"

- Rikki

"I have struggled for a very long time with my hair shedding. From hormone changes, having children, being menopausal, but now with new@Intact_Hair Hair & Scalp Primer I no longer have to carry a lint brush with me!

- Summer

"I have been going through some severe hair fall issues... finally found @intact_hair Primer which reduced my hair fall significantly..."

- Faizah

“My hair immediately felt healthier and looked shininer, but the shedding was reduced tremendously!"

- Rachel

“Seriously! I use to shed like crazy and it has helped soooo much!"

- Michaela

“If you’re like me and you suffer from hair shedding, @intact_hair has got you covered. I have been using this for 2 weeks now & my hair has barely shed! @intact_hair has saved my hair!  THANK YOU."

- Alisha

Causes for Hair Thinning & Hair Loss


A family pre-disposition.


Acute or chronic stress.


Sudden change in eating habits.

Having a Baby

Postpartum hormonal changes.

Medical Issue

Underlying condition or auto-immune disease.


Side effects from medical treatments.


Hormonal shifts &
natural aging of hair.


Ponytails, braids, extensions & styling.


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