Nothing comes close to the likeness of a Daniel Alain Follea, known the world over as the epitome of artisanal craftsmanship and luxury for 100% European human hair wigs and top pieces.

Each Daniel Alain Follea is unparalleled in quality and attention to detail, rendering it a masterpiece undetectable to the eye, mesmerizing in movement and exquisite to the touch.

A true innovator and master of bringing European hair to life, founder Daniel Alain Hafid spent decades perfecting the month long, handmade process to finesse every attention to detail to create a true work of art.

From start to finish, every Follea is brought to life in the 200,000 square foot custom built and privately-owned state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Over 600 employees share in the journey to create the impeccable pieces, with a majority of the artisans contributing to the legacy for over 20 years. 

Daniel Alain proudly purveys only human ponytail hair and possesses the world’s most coveted collection of genuine European hair. Just one touch and no other hair piece will ever feel the same or compare in elegance and superior quality.

The unrivaled creation of a Follea starts with a hand selection process of the hair to sort by texture, denier, length and color strand by strand using the precision eye of a highly trained hair artisan.

The rich and vibrant hues, small batched for consistent quality and always blended to perfection, are created using proprietary custom hair dyes and formulations. It takes an in-house artisan at minimum two years to master the dying process of Follea European human hair to meet Daniel Alain’s exacting standards. 

A Follea is perfection through, and through. At every turn, a Follea is designed to look and feel natural and undetectable.

The cap construction features the finest, softest and most luxurious imported Swiss lace. The hair is hand tied to create the most natural of looks. French Top hidden knot-work gives the appearance of natural skin on the scalp and hair line. Weightless, breathable and sublime to the touch, a Follea makes every woman look and feel extraordinary.