Anti Hair Shedding Treatment

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30 Minutes is All it Takes

Losing hair is distressing, but we have solutions. INTACT is a patented, clinically proven effective hair loss treatment that reduces shedding with every use. Stop waiting weeks or months on empty promises from ineffective products. INTACT is the only product with technology that secures hair at the root and keeps hair where it belongs: on your head.

Simple. Fast. Guaranteed.


Meet the World's First

Root Securing Technology

What makes INTACT so effective? Our patented PiliLock® Sevilla Orange Complex is scientifically created to grip your hair at the root during high shedding activities like brushing, washing, and styling. INTACT stimulates muscles in the follicles to constrict around hair and lock it in place. Say hello to your strongest, shiniest, healthiest-looking hair ever! 

Proven. Patented.

Hair Loss Product

We created INTACT the same way we approach all Daniel Alain innovations: in a lab with certified dermatologists and scientists. INTACT is lab-created, tested, and clinically proven effective, guaranteeing results you can trust.


How Does It Work?

Got 30 minutes? Great! Because that’s all it takes to transform your hair. Simply apply and massage INTACT onto your scalp 30 minutes before washing your hair. The Root Securing Complex will go to work locking in and beautifying your strands.

We guarantee you’ll see a reduction in hair loss in the shower, around the sink and bathroom floor, or your money back. 

Hair & Scalp Benefits

Secures Hair

Contracts the tiny muscles at the base of  the hair follicles. Locks in the hair at the root.


Lifts hair at the root for increased volume without build-up. Hair feels fuller with more body and vibrance.

Conditions Scalp

Plant-based nutrients soothe and calm the scalp for ultra hydration. Leaves the scalp feeling moisturized.

Give Us 30 Minutes

We'll Give You More Hair

Clinically-Proven & Patented

No sulfates, parabens, silicones, oils, SD alcohol, artificial dyes, or gluten.
Vegan-friendly and color-safe. Ingredients you can trust. Guaranteed.



30-Day Guarantee

Try INTACT Anti Hair Shedding Treatment risk-free or your money back. 



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See the incredible results of fuller, shinier more voluminous hair from just one use of INTACT Anti Hair Shedding Treatment.


For Salon Professional

Offer Daniel Alain products in your salon and give your clients the best experience in retaining their hair and minimizing shedding during services.


Throughout life hair transforms,
reflecting various stages of change.
As hair evolves, a constant truth remains,
the desire for beautiful, full, amazing hair.