Cosmetic Hair Loss Solutions

do cosmetic solutions really work?

When women experience symptoms of hair loss, it’s natural to turn to beauty products to rectify the issue. Manufacturers of cosmetic solutions for hair loss claim their products help improve the appearance and beauty of hair. Depending on the specific product, cosmetic solutions may promise thicker, longer hair, or even stimulate hair growth. Cosmetic solutions do not alter the texture, thickness or quantity of your hair. Instead, they enhance the aesthetic of fine or thin hair. 


Cosmetic solutions can’t stimulate growth, but they can provide temporary volume, and boost confidence. Many cosmetic solutions contain nutrients vital to hair health, including keratin, biotin, zinc, panthenol and botanicals. Hair follicles feed on these essential nutrients. Cosmetic solutions can help to fortify the hair, enhance shine, and evoke the illusion of thicker, bouncier hair. 

what else should you consider?

Treatment for hair thinning, shedding, and hair loss is non-linear. Cosmetic solutions for hair loss should couple with gentle beauty routines, balanced nutrition, and ongoing physical and emotional health habits. The following cosmetic solutions help minimize shedding, and add volume and shine to hair:

Root Securing Products

Root securing products are a new cosmetic hair loss solution designed to reduce hair loss from mechanical pulling and tension. Hair is most vulnerable during washing, drying, styling, coloring, extension application or removal, keratin treatments, blow-outs, and salon cutting and styling. Root securing technology counteracts the tension of these high-stress events by strengthening the hair’s resistance to pulling and tugging and locking hair in place. Our Anti Hair Shedding Treatment, INTACT, adds volume, shine and body to your hair and reduces shedding by 77%.

Root Concealing Products

Similar to concealing makeup products, root concealing products tint exposed patches of the scalp or thinning areas around the temples or hair part to match the color of your hair.

Root Concealing Products

Similar to concealing makeup products, root concealing products tint exposed patches of the scalp or thinning areas around the temples or hair part to match the color of your hair.

Thickening Shampoos And Conditioners

The main goal of these formulas is to provide a volumizing lift by plumping the hair shaft. Using thickening shampoos and conditioners can emulate fuller hair. Additionally, they lock in moisture to reduce dryness, brittleness and breakage. Select hair care products that contain exfoliants can improve the scalp’s environment by removing build-up to produce healthier strands.

Tonics & Serums

Advertisers market these concentrated blends as capable of promoting hair growth with daily topical application. However, there isn't sufficient clinical evidence to support this claim.

Hair Building Fibers

Hair fibers attempt to mimic natural hair by filling in patches of exposed scalp. Hair fibers are made of keratin; the same protein hair is made from. Because keratin is a naturally magnetic fiber, hair building fibers instantly mimic your natural hair.

Dietary Supplements

If there’s one thing we can’t iterate enough, it’s the importance of nutrition and a well-balanced diet. Sometimes it’s challenging to get an adequate intake of all the essential nutrients. One of the first things to address when diagnosing a hair loss issue is daily eating habits. If you are deficient in iron, protein, or B-vitamins, supplements can restore your body with these vital nutrients. Plus, your hair loves them.

Color, Cut & Style

Several styling tricks add dimension and the appearance of volume to your hair. Ask for your stylist’s professional opinion about your options. Between color placement, a strategic cut, highlights, lowlights and styling, you can give your hair a lift and bounce it otherwise may lack.

Hats & Scarves

If you are experiencing a period of excessive shedding or transitioning through a hair loss or medical condition, hats and scarves are stylish accessories that can protect sensitive skin from environmental triggers, as well as conceal visible thinning or regrowth.