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Daniel Alain Quality Assurance

It is our pleasure to provide you with the world’s most beautiful hair. Please read our quality assurance policies on product guarantee, authenticity and counterfeit risks to ensure you have an extraordinary experience and years of enjoying your Daniel Alain Follea.


Daniel Alain and the Follea brand mark are known the world over as the epitome of luxury European hair pieces. Our reputation is based on years of perfecting the art of handcrafting 100% human hair wigs and Topettes, made of the finest hair.

We proudly stand behind the high quality craftsmanship which renders each Daniel Alain an authentic piece of art. Our wig and top pieces come to life in our privately owned, state-of-the-art-facility in which we control every aspect of its impeccable creation, from hand selecting the hair to undergoing a rigorous 20-point quality assurance process to meet our exacting standards. Should you feel there is a flaw upon receiving one of our pieces, our quality assurance specialists will work with you to address any concerns.

Our exquisite hair pieces are handcrafted with 100% human hair, and by nature can be susceptible to damage if not properly cared for and maintained. We cannot be responsible or guarantee the longevity of the piece for damage caused by the use of hot tools, harsh chemicals, bad haircuts, salon treatments, or improper care that leads to excessive breakage, build-up of oils, excessive product usage or dirt.

Our pieces can be professionally colored, highlighted and cut, but it is highly recommended you go to a stylist that has experience working with Follea human hair wigs, or work with the authorized Daniel Alain reseller who sold you the piece.

With proper care, a Follea can last many years. To learn more about best care practice for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your piece, please click here.

Natural wear and tear is expected with human hair wigs. Your Follea can be restored by adding hair density, undergoing a color refresh or a deep conditioning treatment by one of our Repair and Restore Specialists. Click here to download our Repair Form.


Due to the nature and reputation of our product, we experience entities claiming to sell an authentic Follea that is a complete fake. It is for this reason, we developed an exclusive Certificate of Authenticity Program to protect you from fraud and protect our brand reputation. Every Daniel Alain hair piece has a unique serial number discreetly embedded in the cap. 

Our Product Reference Guide, including product specifications and recommended retail price is also located on our website. In addition, we offer personal consultations to help inform what to look for and how to tell if the piece is an authentic Follea.


As with many luxury items, our products can fall prey to counterfeiting. Counterfeit Follea pieces often claim to be made with 100% European hair but upon receipt may have inferior quality hair, synthetic hair and/or poor craftsmanship, and often lose integrity after the first wash. These products are often sold at high price points.

In addition, there are online direct sale companies that aim to sell “authentic” Follea’s under the Follea brand name at highly discounted prices, take payment, then never send the wig. If the price it “too good to be true” it most likely is a counterfeit.

Please take a BUYER BEWARE approach and make sure you are buying a Daniel Alain Follea from an authorized reseller or direct from the official Daniel Alain website. We also encourage you to contact us directly to put you in touch with an authorized reseller in your area or please visit our Retailer Locator. Our consultants are here to ensure you have the very best experience.

If you believe you purchased a counterfeit product, please contact us at 949-706-9880 to share the details so we can follow up with our legal team. You can help us fight counterfeit sales and benefit many other innocent consumers like you.