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Journeys in Hair Loss

At Daniel Alain, we are proud to be a part of a close-knit and supportive community of women who have personally experienced the emotional toll of hair loss in their lifetime.

We commend these women for their strength, perseverance, and beauty. We proudly share their hair loss journeys with you to remind you that you are not alone in your own personal journey. We invite you to connect and share your story, as together, we can find even greater strength in our empathy and compassion for one another.

We are inspired by each and every one of you. We encourage you to thrive and feel beautiful on the inside and out.

Meet Our Follea Friends

Ashley Demshki

Gripper Actif , 14", Caramel Latte 5030

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My Story

I lost my hair at 14-months old due to Alopecia Areata. Not knowing a lot about the disease and what it was, my parents took me to doctors and dermatologists to find answers. Completely bald, I was often mistaken for a child with cancer even though I was completely healthy. I received my first wig before I went to kindergarten and wore one all through my school years. Looking back, I cannot believe I left the house looking the way I did. My wigs, while looked amazing when I first got them, did not hold up well to playing in the playground and overuse. I struggled with self-esteem and confidence all throughout my schooling. In college and away from home for the first time, I really began to figure who I was with and without my wig. I shared my experience with roommates, sorority sisters and friends. It wasn’t until I graduated college, when my eyebrows and eyelashes fell out, that I really had a choice to make – I could let this new hair loss overwhelm me and destroy the new confidence I build over the past four years or I could rise above and share my journey with others. I started to be more open about my alopecia on my social media channels, helping other women and girls find their confidence with and without wigs. I was introduced to Follea by a close friend with Alopecia and I have never looked back!

" I have never loved a wig as much as I love my Follea wigs! The natural hairlines, soft hair and comfortable caps take wearing a wig to a whole new level. In my Follea wig, I feel so confident and beautiful without ever worrying that it doesn’t look natural."

Ashley's Advice

If you’re experiencing hair loss, don’t be afraid to join our amazing community! I wish this online community existed when I needed it most because there are so many amazing women giving advice, answering questions and providing resources to help you on your journey. From wigs to wear, styling tips, eyebrow hacks and inspirational messages – this hair loss community lifts each other up and we want to remind you that you are not alone.

Kellie Scott

Style Wig, 12", Vienna 11035

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My Story

I began losing my hair at 27 and was later diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, also known as female pattern thinning. At first I found it difficult to deal with, especially while trying to figure out what I was experiencing. After a lot of research I realized there was no miracle cure and alternative hair was the best solution. I worked on changing my mindset and embraced the opportunity hair loss presented me. Wigs are so much fun and have given me the hair I always dreamed of having.

" I'm a big fan of owning a few different hair pieces that change up your look. You don't wear the same outfit everyday, so why wear the same hair? It's always good to have your one go-to, however. The hair that feels most like "you". This is what my Follea is to me."

Kellie's Advice

Make a decision - any decision - regarding your hair loss. You can feel really out of control as your hair continues to fall, but taking back that power is a huge step towards acceptance. It could simply be to stop researching "cures", buzzing your head, buying a wig, telling someone you trust about what you're going through - anything really. Just make hair loss your bitch, whatever that looks like for you.

Jennifer Brown

René, 12", Irish Cream 6020

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My Story

I have always had genetically thin hair, but first experienced hair loss in 2013 when my hair was falling out due to an autoimmune disease. The medications I was taking caused my hair to fall out in sections and it was very emotionally taxing on my mental health. My first wig was synthetic and even though I wore it for over a year I never felt comfortable in it. My hair slowly started growing back and I wore my bio hair again for several years. However, I was never truly happy due to my genetically thin hair. I didn’t realize how much my thin hair impacted so many aspects of my life and confidence until I got my Follea.

" When I first ordered my Follea I was hesitant to purchase a wig online, but knew I could return it if for some reason I didn’t like it. Clearly I never returned it! I’m now a Follea customer for life. The first time I tried on my Follea, I started crying. It was an emotional moment finally having the hair I never knew existed years ago when first looking into wigs. The hairline was seamless and the hair itself felt so luxurious. I finally had the dream hair I always wanted.  I never realized how much hating my hair had impacted my life until I got my Follea. I was in a slump, I didn’t want to get dressed up or do my makeup because my hair was so thin. I wore t-shirts and anything that matched a baseball cap because I didn’t want to show my thinning scalp. Now that I have my Follea I’m happy and enjoying getting ready each day because I know my hair will always look fabulous! I’m loving all the compliments I get and my confidence has skyrocketed. Everyone around me can see my newfound joy and I never want to take my Follea off! "

Jennifer's Advice

Be kind and offer yourself grace as you navigate hair loss. It’s an emotional process that you must grieve in your own way and each woman handles that differently. My advice is to confide in someone you trust, share your emotions over your hair loss and find whatever makes you feel confident in your own skin.


René, 16", Crème Brûlée 5055

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My Story

Hi my name is Natalie and I have been dealing with hair loss for almost 11 years. It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster for me having hair loss at such a young age. I am 20 now and recently just started wearing wigs. It has been life changing to finally have hair! I recently started blogging on Instagram with the name @alopecia_fashionista to help other women going through similar hair journeys. Being open about my androgenic alopecia and hashimotos not only made me stronger but I learned more about myself this year while wearing wigs. I’ve met inspirational strong women along the way that have supported me and I wouldn’t change a thing!

" Trying on my Follea wig for the first time was exciting and emotional. It was the very first wig that allowed me to have my natural widows peak back. Usually with wigs it’s just a straight hair line but my Follea was so beautiful and natural. My Follea has definitely raised the bar for all my wigs. It was also the first wig I owned with hand tied at the top! "

Natalie's Advice

Do not beat yourself up over hair loss. It’s okay to be sad and it does take time to accept it. For me it took almost 10 years till I started wearing wigs. For others it might only be one year and be totally fine with hair loss. Everyone’s hair journey is completely different in every way. I focused a lot of my attention on academics, nutrition, and health. In addition, having a good support group can help build your confidence and self esteem. Being part of the hair loss community on Instagram has changed my life. I’ve made amazing connections with women around the world that cheer each other on everyday!

Mirna Wilson

René, 16", Cappuccino 5035

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My Story

My hairLOSS journey began in early 2017, at age 33, when I noticed small patches of hair missing near my temple and nape of my neck. It gradually progressed over the course of 6 months, thinning throughout and the once small, disguise-able patches were growing larger and larger. By the end of 2017 I was completely bald and by early 2018 I had lost my lashes, brows and all the hair on my body. The process of losing my hair was completely devastating. I spent months hopeful that treatment would bring my hair back, but nothing was working. I felt so alone and like I lost myself in the process. I reluctantly bought my first wig, which ultimately became my saving grace. I immersed myself in what I like to call, my New Normal, and found myself spending countless hours online looking for tutorials on wigs and other women who I could relate to. Realizing there was a lack of young moms sharing their day to day wig life, I started to share my hairLOSS journey on Instagram as Mama is Bald. Sharing my hairLOSS, regrowth, tips and wig education is incredibly therapeutic for me. I found myself healing with each and every post. I feel very fortunate to be able to help and relate with other women who are dealing with HairLOSS.

" My Follea gives me the confidence that hairLOSS took away from me with very little effort! I wash and style my piece just ONCE a week! My hair looks incredible ALL THE TIME and the women in my life are always in awe of the fact that it’s A WIG!"

Mirna's Advice

Don’t wait too long before you consider looking into Alternative hair and DO NOT just buy something random online. Save your dollars for THE wig, not just any wig.
Start the process before you become desperate to buy a piece. When you are in desperation you may end up with buyers regret because you didn’t take the time or have the time to do your research. The reality is, even though you are hoping your hair will return and the treatments to work, there is still a period of time that you need to allow for the hair to grow back. Don’t miss out on life because of your hairLOSS. 

Hattie Gildford

Custom Topper

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My Story

I'm Hattie also known as @my_trich_journey. I have a condition called Trichotillomania which I've had since I was 8 years old. Often shortened to Trich (because it's a mouthful to say), it is when someone has the overwhelming urge to repeatedly pull out their hair from their body. This includes (but is not exhaustive of) the scalp, eyebrows or eyelashes.

I've spent 18 years battling with this urge and have pulled out a very large area of my hair from the top of my head. Finally, in October 2019 I managed to finally win after putting all my energy into stopping. I haven't pulled a hair out in 8 months and whilst some of my hair has grown back, there are large patches that don't look like they ever will. I always say that toppers were literally made for me because they so perfectly cover my bald spot and more importantly, they stopped my hands from getting to my hair to pull it out. Through sharing my story on my Instagram profile my mission is to raise Trichotillomania awareness to help eradicate the stigma attached to it. 

"Having Trichotillomania has been a pretty rough journey and whilst I think I'm overall very positive about living with the condition, I still struggle with the damage that I have done to my own hair. Never being able to have the dreamy long hair I deserve, my Follea topper has given me the hair I picture I would have had, had I not pulled out my hair for 18 years.⁣ Honestly this piece is an absolute dream and I still pinch myself that it's mine.”

Hattie's Advice

Don't wait as long as I did to buy your first topper or wig. I naively never realized that toppers and wigs were a solution for me until I stumbled across an amazing Instagram community of women with hair loss wearing them. I've now got the hair I've never been able to have and I honestly couldn't be happier.

Sarah Henry

René, 21", Cappuccino 5035

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My Story

My journey with alternative hair started before I ever experienced loss! As a young girl, I always wished I could change my fine curly hair. I started sewing my own hair extensions at 17 to give myself extra fullness and length. This became a way of life for me until I turned 30 and got off birth control. I started to notice some thinning but it wasn’t until I switched careers and experienced a stressful move that I saw chunks of hair come out in the shower. I entered a season of attempting to find answers from doctors and desperately seeking hair solutions. After months of no answers and several failed purchases, I finally found a topper via social media. I started to trust reliable hair brands and connect with other women going through the same thing. Through the ups and downs of life and regrowth of hair, the hair community has been a source of empowerment. Over the last 1.5 years, my mindset about hair loss has changed from sadness to positively embracing my situation. I am so excited to live life and grateful that I get to wear awesome hair at the same time!

" The moment I put my Follea on I screamed “I found my wedding hair!” My Follea gives me complete confidence for every situation. I feel like a babe just walking through Target or out to eat at a fancy restaurant. I will treasure this wig forever!"

Sarah's Advice

Going through any traumatic situation is hard enough alone so I think it’s really important to find a community. The hair community on social media is so welcoming and there are thousands of women experiencing the same loss. You do not have to endure this alone! There won’t always be happy days about hair loss and it’s normal to feel those. Lean in to others when you need it and have hope!!