Cosmetic Hair Loss Solutions For Men


Hair loss is a burden many men carry, affecting over half of them by their 40s. Your hair is part of your self-image, and it isn’t easy to let that go. You may feel self-conscious, depressed, or even angry. Naturally, you reach for products to rectify the issue. How do you know if they genuinely work?

Manufacturers of cosmetic hair loss products make big promises but often fail to deliver. That’s because cosmetic solutions don’t alter the texture, thickness, or quantity of your hair. Instead, they enhance the aesthetic of fine or thinning hair.The beginning of a hair loss journey is uncertain, but we’re here to guide you through it every step of the way. First, let’s look at how cosmetic solutions can help.


Cosmetic solutions provide temporary volume and shine to your hair. While they can’t stimulate growth, they can improve your hair’s appearance and provide self-assurance. Many cosmetic solutions contain vital hair nutrients like keratin, biotin, zinc, panthenol, and botanicals. Also, the right products can fortify hair with shine, volume, and life.

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Your lifestyle and health dictate the quality of your hair. We recommend you to combine cosmetic solutions with healthy lifestyle habits. The following cosmetic solutions help minimize shedding and improve your hair’s appearance.

Root Securing Products

These powerful cosmetic products work to reduce hair loss from mechanical pulling and tension. Your hair endures stress while washing, drying, and styling. Root securing technology is an innovative solution that enhances your hair’s stamina to resist pulling and tugging. Our root securing complex, INTACT, adds volume, shine, and body to your hair while minimizing shedding by 77%.

Root Concealing Products

Root concealing products act as a supplement to thinning or balding areas on the scalp. These products tint exposed patches of the scalp to match the color of your hair.

Hair Building Fibers

Hair fibers mimic natural hair by filling in patches of exposed scalp. Why does it work? Because hair fibers contain keratin, the same protein that forms the building blocks of your natural hair. Keratin is a magnetic fiber that bonds to your scalp to mirror the look of your natural hair.

Thickening Shampoos And Conditioners

The main goal of these formulas is to provide a volumizing lift by plumping the hair shaft. Using thickening shampoos and conditioners can emulate fuller hair. Additionally, they lock in moisture to reduce dryness, brittleness, and breakage. Thickening products that contain exfoliants can improve the scalp’s environment and produce healthier-looking hair.

Styling Aids

Many men have thin or fine hair, and styling aids can provide a voluminous boost. These products are widely available—from root lifting serums to volume-enhancing sprays.

Tonics & Serums

Advertisers market these concentrated blends as "hair growth solutions." However, there isn't sufficient clinical evidence to support this claim. Instead, choose proven-effective products that generate real results.

Dietary Supplements

One of the first areas to address when diagnosing a hair loss issue is dietary habits. If you are deficient in iron, protein, or B-vitamins, supplements can restore your body with vital nutrients. Plus, your hair loves them, and it’ll show; when you eat a balanced diet, your hair looks shinier, stronger, and healthier.

Color, Cut & Style

Certain styling tricks add dimension and the appearance of volume to your hair. Ask for your stylist’s professional opinion about your options. A strategic cut will highlight areas of volume you naturally have while filling in or concealing flat areas with the illusion of volume. 


If your hair is excessively shedding, hats are a stylish way to protect sensitive skin from environmental triggers, as well as conceal visible thinning.

There are remarkable cosmetic solutions on the market, as well as under-performing ones. Avoid products that boast big-promises with little clinical proof or supporting data. Instead, reach for real cosmetic solutions that provide volume, shine, and a double shot of confidence.


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