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Men's Hair: Body-Volume-Shine


The media standard for voluminous hair isn’t exclusive to women. When you’re constantly inundated with perfect styles from social media and ads, it’s easy to view your hair as less than ideal. What’s the secret to all that volume? More importantly, what can you do to rock the look you want?

It doesn’t help that many styling tips and products can add long term damage to your hair. You may get a boost in volume — and confidence — but at what cost?

Sure, thick hair has an advantage when it comes to styling, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options if your hair is thin or fine.

Sustainable hair health (and appearance) is rooted in a healthy diet, regular exercise, and results-driven cosmetic solutions. If you’re struggling to manage thin or fine hair, here’s what you need to do to regain power over your hair.


Why do some guys have sky-high volume (think Elvis, Bruno Mars) while others’ hair falls flat? To answer that, let's look at the relationship between hair anatomy, health and appearance.

Hair Anatomy

The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair shaft, and it protects the inner layer of hair, called the cortex. The cortex is responsible for giving hair strength, vitality and shape. Healthy hair depends on a healthy cuticle, which is made of keratin protein scales that overlap and lock in vital moisture. A healthy cuticle creates softness, shape, moisture, health and shine. The appearance of your hair depends on strong, healthy cuticles.

Hair Appearance

When hair cuticles become damaged, they contain cracks and holes that have trouble retaining moisture. The result is dry, dull, and highly porous hair. Hair looks flat, dull, and altogether appears unhealthy. A little moisture goes a long way to reinvigorate follicles and boost hair volume and shine.


Whether you style your hair daily or let it fall wherever it may, we all want a little volume — especially for nights out or special occasions. Fullness, body, volume, and shine work together to create a head-turning head of hair. Some men run their fingers through their hair and call it good, while others spend valuable time styling hair with tools and products. There’s no right or wrong way to style your hair, but a boost of volume will add length and look fuller.

It’s easy to grab whatever product is at the grocery store, but these hair products often boast big promises with little delivery. Worse — products containing polymers, talc, silicones, and blends can damage your hair, weigh it down, and make it look flatter.


You can add body, volume, and shine to your hair. Instead of temporary solutions, it’s vital to protect the cuticle to restore moisture balance. Hair craves regular hydration, but it doesn’t like mystery ingredients.

An effective hair moisturizer will contain one or more of the following ingredients:

  • Emollients to smooth the hair cuticle and repel heavy, excess moisture
  • Humectants to attract moisture to the hair
  • Occlusives to lock in hydration


Certain ingredients disrupt the natural moisture balance of your hair and strip the outer lipid layer. The result is heavy, weighted down hair that looks dull and flat.

To retain moisture, avoid products that contain:

  • Silicones
  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol Polymers
  • Talc


Daniel Alain's Anti Hair Shedding Treatment, INTACT, has revolutionized the way we treat dull, flat hair. Best part? It’s a no-fuss product you can easily add to your routine. INTACT contains moisture-balancing emollients and humectants that support the cuticle's natural ability to retain moisture without over absorbing water.

Coconut fatty acids (your hair's favorite snack) lay the cuticle in a flat position to reflect light and enhance shine. The result is hair that's deeply nourished, moisturized, and full of body, volume, and shine. Most importantly, INTACT is free of damaging ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, silicones, oils, gluten, SD-alcohol, and artificial dyes.Most men naturally gravitate toward products they can use on the go. You can easily use INTACT to add volume without spending hours styling your hair. Less dullness, more volume, that’s the combo for hair success.


Every time you plan to wash your hair, grab INTACT for this quick routine:

  • Apply INTACT to your dry scalp in even sections from the roots to ends
  • Massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes
  • Leave in for 30 minutes
  • Rinse, shampoo, condition
  • Style your hair

Rock Your Look

It's time to get the body, volume, and shine you crave with the best volumizing product on the market. Ready for a major lift to your hair and confidence? Grab INTACT.


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Intact Anti-Hair Shedding Treatment

Anti Hair Shedding Treatment

Starts at $27

protection brush set

Protection Brush Set


Based on 37 reviews
Daniel Alain
Jennifer Rose
Love my Follea Rene - and the amazing customer service!

I considered purchasing a wig for years as my hair became increasingly thin. I finally decided the time was right and I’m so thankful to have found Follea. I purchased the Rene 12 inch in Caramel Latte and I absolutely love it – both the color and style are perfect. Stylist consultant, Tracy Romo, was so incredibly supportive and knowledgeable -- she walked me through every step of the process. She assisted with measurements and answered all of my questions via video calls. I can’t say enough about the amazing customer service I experienced from beginning to end. Tracy guided me in the right direction every step of the way, even sending me helpful videos and styling tips. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Daniel Alain
M. Terese Weir
Easy Beauty!

My Follea Style (6-11) is in all honesty the most comfortable wig I've ever worn - and I hate anything on my head! This wig just... goes where it's supposed to, no pulling it this way or that, no realizing your doggone wig is crooked.. AFTER you walk in to work. This success is in no small part to the Fit Kit I was sent to make sure of my size. 😊

Also, to say the hair is beautiful gives beauty a bad name. The hair is stunning. (I wear color Latte.) My consultant, Ashley, virtually took my hand to guide me through the process of buying my wig. Her help was and still is invaluable.

My hairdresser is very comfortable styling wigs. She created just the right "style" for my Style. That said, even straight from the box, Follea rocks!

Reading your Follea experience warms our hearts, our goal and mission is to help women all over the world feel beautiful, confident and like their best self. Ashley is an amazing and knowlegable guide, that will continue to be with you on your hair journey!

We invite you to join our @Follea community on Instagram, to learn best practices for your new Follea.

Thank you very much!


Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Kimberlee Bluhm
Wig #6

The ready to wear wig I received from Daniel Alain is beautiful. The packaging was so respectful of the wig. So impressed. I called with questions before purchasing and the staff was very kind and respectful as Loosing my hair was so unexpected and stressful. Thank you for wonderful customer service and a beautiful wig. So many compliments on how it makes me look. Thank you.

We are honored and so glad to hear you had a pleasant experience! Thank you or trusting us to help you during your hair-loss journey.

Thank you !

I had an amazing experience with purchasing a wig with Follea.
I can’t say enough about Tracy and the VIP service I got from her. She was always there on the other side of the phone , no matter what day or time and help me every step of the way!
I have never had such great customer service in any of the other leading wig companies I bought wigs from. Hands down the best!
Thank you

Thank you very much for sharing - it means the world to know that you had an exceptional experience with Tracy.

Daniel Alain
Patty McKenna
Amazing Personalized treatment

What a wonderful experience I had. Tracy was so sweet and kind and found me the perfect wig. Her patience and understanding when I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted , and finding me the perfect wig and answering all my crazy questions. I left with such a beautiful wig. Thank you again Tracy ♥️♥️

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are so happy Tracy was able to assist you on your hair journey!

Daniel Alain
Kim sissons
Tracy Romo is a life changer!

When you first go through your personal hair loss journey, you go through so many emotions and sometimes you get desperate. People like to take advantage of those searching for an answer. After making a very costly mistake, Tracy was a game changer for me! She was amazing, very knowledgeable and helped me understand what to look for, how to ensure I got the right size, face timed me to measure and ensure it was correct. I cannot say enough amazing things about Tracy, and my amazing Follea wig.

Kim, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience Daniel Alain. It warms our heart to hear to Tracy was such a positive impact. We would love to see your new hair debut, tag us on instagram @Follea.

Daniel Alain
Style 10 Inch Color 5005 Macchiato (comes with a soft rooting)

This is my first wig but not my first attempt with alternative hair. Its been a journey and one I knew I wanted to take with Follea. I was not wrong. The hair is silky soft and beautifully shiny. The staff is great and wonderful to work with. Their online consultation process is just what I needed. I received sample caps to try on to determine which size is the right size for me. I received color swatches as well to make the color selection process was a breeze. It does make a difference to see to the colors in person, dont be afraid to ask for color swatches. To see them against the light or while your home is worth it. All this happened after the online consultation, which was simple and fun. The rep provided samples of everything, explained the differences with each one. This helped me make a decision on what was right for me. Getting the samples of the wig caps and color swatches was a fun part of the experience but it also made me feel good about my decisions. I often worry about getting the wrong size and color. Once I was set ( and yes I changed my mind a bit) we went forward with the order. After I received my wig and cut the lace, the team was still there to help me with any questions I had.

Overall a great online purchasing experience. Once I received my Follea, I instantly knew this was it for me. I loved it and I was confident to wear it out.

Feeling Myself and Happy with a beautiful Follea Style, 10", Irish Cream

There are no words to fully express how grateful I am for finding Follea and meeting Janet. Her kindness combined with a professional, yet so gentle, advice helped me to find my beautiful natural looking European hair. Janet patiently showed me different styles and sizes (my head is so small!). She has never pushed me to anything. Only offered support and help on the way to my decision, and eventually ordered (incredibly urgently) the right size. I wish all patients to meet someone like Janet on their way! Before I found Follea, I faced a few horrible pushy people who wanted to make money of my sensitive, fragile situation of suddenly losing hair.
Today, I can face the Universe with a smile, again. I am back to work and normal life, interacting with people, attending important business meetings. Letting my health recover in calm confident state.
Thank You to Follea and Janet. May the Blessing and Kindness come back to You Multiplied Million Times.
I am already thinking of ordering a second Follea Style (bit longer this time). Every girl needs a special occasion HAIR! I have found mine.

Daniel Alain
erin graff
Looooove me some FOLLEA!!!

Girl I love my new wig!!!!!! I feel like Beyoncé wearing it, you can’t even tell that it’s a wig! My confidence is an all new high and I feel fierce. Thanks to Janet for making my hair dreams come true. Xoxoxo

Daniel Alain
Heather L
Follea's Petite

Recently, I bought the Petite in Chai Latte blonde with a natural-looking darker root and customized my piece by adding a few wispy bangs. If you are like me and try to stretch the length of time between washes to prevent an itchy scalp and breakage, this little priceless gem is a quick four clips away from a good hair day.

Daniel Alain
Diane B.
Great Customer Services

Great customer services! Received in a timely manner. Very happy with my topper, especially after I trimmed bangs and length to fix my own hair.

Hello Diane,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to write this review for us. We are very happy to receive your feedback. Please tag us #danielalain in any photos we'd love to share your amazing look on our website and/or social media platforms.
Feel free to contact us at 1.949.706.9880 or