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Retain for Men | Daniel Alain

A New Way to Control Hair Loss.

Hold onto hair before it falls out.


Hair retention is the foundation of any hair loss regimen. Keeping the hair you have today is the best preventative measure to losing hair tomorrow.  

What Does It Do?

INTACT contains a potent isolate from the Sevilla Orange extract that was found to activate the arrector pili muscle of the hair follicle, causing it to contract.

Clinically studies show that activation or “flexing” of this muscle creates a goosebump effect on the scalp and locks the hair in place to resist tension and pulling.

How Does It Work?

When applied to the scalp, INTACT secures hair at the root resulting in less hair loss during washing, brushing and styling.

As the hair gets secured, coconut fatty acids condition the scalp and hydrate the hair. Hair looks healthier and feels fuller.


Daily Hair Retention


Apply & massage onto
scalp before washing hair


Allow to activate


Rinse and wash hair.
Reduce hair loss up to 77%

Hair & Scalp Benefits

Secures Hair

Contracts at the hair follicle.
Locks hair at the root.


Lifts at the root without product build-up. Hair feels fuller.

Conditions Scalp

Soothes & calms. Leaves scalp
feeling moisturized.

Retain for Men | Daniel Alain

How It Works

INTACT's patented technology creates a goose-bump effect on the scalp. A goose bump occurs when a tiny muscle contracts and tightens around the hair follicle. This contraction holds the hair firmly in place preventing hair fall.

As the hair gets secured, coconut fatty acids condition the scalp and hydrate the hair for incredible shine bounce and style retention. Hair looks full of life and youthful.


Reduce hair loss up to 77%
Clinically-proven & patented

No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, oils, alcohol or gluten.  Vegan-friendly and color safe.


"I’ve personally experienced hair loss and I know it’s really tough.  I wish I had these products and resources back when I first started losing my hair. That’s why I developed them.

My advice? Learn from me. Be proactive, take the test, and get ahead of your hair loss before it's too late." 

Daniel Alain Hafid
Founder & CEO