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Alopecia in Women


Alopecia is the medical term used to describe hair loss. This single word encompasses a broad spectrum of hair loss issues. While most sources provide a narrow descriptor beneath this umbrella term, we aim to bring awareness and education to Alopecia symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, in all its forms, which affect both men and women.

In simple terms, Alopecia hair loss is a medical condition in which sudden hair fall occurs. Hair can fall out or diffuse across the scalp, or it can shed in large patches. The most common Alopecia type is Androgenetic Alopecia, otherwise known as Genetic Hair Loss or Female Pattern Hair Loss which accounts for half of hair loss cases for women. But what about the other half?

In this article, we will share facts and information on the various types of Alopecia, and expand on new diagnostic technology that will impact the way genetic hair loss – the most prevalent form of hair loss – can now be identified and best treated based on one’s personal biology.


  • There are seven types of Alopecia (Androgenetic (genetic), Areata, Totalis, Universalis, Diffuse (hair shedding), Postpartum, and Traction). We will provide an overview of each type in this article.
  • 60% of women will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime – of those women, 50% will have Androgenetic Alopecia – most commonly referred to as genetic hair loss.
  • Alopecia Areata (the type of hair loss affecting Jada Pinkett Smith) affects nearly 7 million people in the United States, and 147 million people worldwide, according to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.
  • Scarring forms of Alopecia are not curable, and hair is unable to regrow due to irreversible damage to the hair follicle, as seen in advanced stages of Traction Alopecia.

What do these facts reveal? Alopecia, or in layman terms hair loss, is a widespread issue that millions of people face and the experience can be emotionally devastating. Despite this condition, most people with signs of hair loss are in overall good health. The myths and misconceptions around Alopecia/hair loss lead to isolation and frustration by the person experiencing it. We are here to empower you with knowledge, resources, and solutions, starting with a comprehensive overview of each type of Alopecia.


The most common types of Alopecia are Androgenetic (referred to as Genetic, Hereditary, or Female Pattern Hair Loss and Alopecia Areata – the same type celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith has. 

In addition, there are rare types of Alopecia, as well as conditions that accompany specific life phases and events. Following are some of the more rare types or conditional forms of Alopecia:

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune response typically defined by patchy hair loss the size of a quarter. Onset begins before age 30, and may also link to genetics as 1-in-5 cases have a family member with the condition. Regrowth may occur within one year for about 50% of cases but can be accelerated with Tyrosine, or with prescribed topical or oral steroids.

Alopecia Totalis

This is a more advanced form of Alopecia Areata. Rather than patchy hair loss, Totalis results in complete hair loss on the entire scalp. It is also triggered by an autoimmune response where the body attacks the hair follicles, creating inflammation that results in hair loss. It can be temporary or permanent and is thought to be triggered by stress or a family history.

Alopecia Universalis

This is one of the rarest forms of hair loss in which all scalp, facial (lashes and eyebrows), and body hair falls out. The cause for this type of overall hair loss is an autoimmune response in which the immune system attacks its cells and hair follicles, mistaking them as foreign bodies. The resulting hair loss is an exacerbated response to extreme environmental stress and is the body’s way of trying to flush out a foreign invader.

Who’s affected: 1 in 4,000 people, yet ongoing research is still striving to find the exact demographic of this rare hair loss condition.

Scarring Alopecia

While several types of Alopecia are treatable, Scarring Alopecia, also known as Cicatricial Alopecia, cannot be cured. This rare hair loss disorder causes permanent damage to hair follicles, and the resulting scar tissue disables hair from regrowing. Symptoms include redness, itching, and a shabby look to the hair. Scarring Alopecia can occur from fungal infections on the scalp that are left untreated or from Traction Alopecia that is left untreated. Scarring Alopecia can also result from radiation treatment directed on the scalp.

Who’s affected:  3% of hair loss cases, and some cases of chronic illness such as lupus.

Postpartum Alopecia

The female body is capable of miraculous fetes, yet the natural ability to reproduce can generate cataclysmic shifts on the body. Have you recently given birth, and if so, are you noticing excessive hair shedding since then? Postpartum Alopecia can occur 2-4 months after childbirth and is a result of a drastic shift in hormones that disrupt the hair growth cycle. During pregnancy, hair remains in the growth phase and changes into the shedding phase after birth. Fortunately, the body will resume its scheduled programming about 6-months after delivery.

Who’s affected:  Women who have recently given birth.

Diffuse Alopecia

Commonly known as hair shedding. This is shedding beyond the normal 100-150 hairs that are typically shed each day as part of the natural hair growth cycle. This excessive hair shedding, which is defined by 200+ hairs a day can be the first signs of Androgenic Alopecia. It can also be a result from acute, sudden stress, extreme dieting or aggressive hair styling practices. Shedding can be temporary or progress to more extreme and permanent hair loss if it is due to an underlying condition. The onset of genetic hair loss is often preceded by an increase in diffuse shedding, where there is a noticeable amount of hair fall.

Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia is hair loss due to the result of stress and pulling on the hair follicle. It can be induced from wearing hair in tight buns, braids and ponytails. Traction Alopecia can also be caused by wearing clips from hair toppers or from the pulling and weight of weaves and hair extensions. Overtime, these styling practices repeatedly place pulling, stress and strain on the hair follicles causing damage. One of the first symptoms or signs of Traction Alopecia is soreness and tenderness at the follicle and itching. Traction Alopecia can be reversed if caught early, otherwise it can lead to permanent damage where the follicle can’t recover, regeneration ceases and the follicle becomes scarred, resulting in Scarring Alopecia.


Diagnosing hair loss is not easy. It is complex and the trigger can be an underlying medical condition or self-induced. Despite these various types of Alopecia, the most common diagnoses are Androgenetic Alopecia also referred to as Genetic Hair Loss. 

The rarer types of Alopecia are typically diagnosed under the care of a doctor, requiring observation of medical and family history and the type of hair loss happening (pattern, patches, diffuse). Microscopic analysis of the scalp and biopsies can also reveal what kind of Alopecia is present. A dermatologist can diagnose most forms of Alopecia during a consultation and exam.

New technology launching in April 2022 by Daniel Alain will offer a far less invasive way to detect Genetic Hair Loss by analyzing your DNA for the genetic markers of Androgentic Alopecia. There are no other tests available in the market that can test for genetic hair loss in the comfort of your home.


Unfortunately, the majority of hair loss is caused by genetics and therefore prevention is not in the cards.

Certain types of Alopecia can be self-induced and therefore can be prevented or minimized. Traction Alopecia can be prevented by eliminating tension on the hair follicles and wearing looser hairstyles. However, repeated stress on the follicles can lead to irreversible Scarring Alopecia. 

Minimizing stress may help with hair loss prevention, as stress is a great trigger to the immune system. Some types of hair loss are stress-related and may go into remission or cease once the source of stress is addressed, however, if the hair follicle is compromised, it will not regenerate to grow hair. 

If your genes are pre-wired for Androgentic Alopecia (genetic hair loss) you may still have a chance to hold onto your hair if you catch diagnosis early to try to prevent losing your hair. This form of hair loss is progressive, however there are two FDA-approved treatments available, Minoxidil and Finasteride, to deter loss and promote new hair growth for those that have the necessary, natural biological response to these treatments. These approved treatments have limitations and potential side effects. It is always recommended to speaking with a doctor prior to use. 


To treat Alopecia requires casting a wide net of solutions to find which ones work best for your condition. With this in mind, your best treatment for Alopecia will involve some trial-and-error, particularly if you are dealing with one of the rarer forms of hair loss. 

If you have Androgenetic Alopecia (Genetic Hair Loss) there is a new test available to determine if you are a responder to Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved topical treatment to regrow hair. 

In addition, there will soon be a test made available to determine if Finasteride is likely to work for you by testing Androgen Sensitivity. Both novel tests will help save time, money and emotional stress should you find out they are not the right solutions for you. 

Get Tested to See what Hair loss treatments may work for you

Hair Loss TestingLEARN MORE

When treatments don’t work as anticipated, it’s natural to feel emotionally disheartened. At times, you’ll feel crestfallen and helpless to find the right solution for your condition. It’s natural to feel disheartened, but it’s important to stay proactive because there are solutions to empower you to fall in love with your hair again. It just takes a little experimentation to find the right one.

There are four main categories of Alopecia hair treatment: Cosmetic, Medicinal, Alternative Hair and Procedural.

Cosmetic Solutions

Cosmetic solutions are topical ointments, serums, and hair beauty products created to enhance the natural appearance of hair. While they contain nutrients like keratin, biotin, zinc, panthenol, and botanicals to improve the appearance of hair health, they don’t alter hair on an anatomical level. In other words, they cannot grow hair, but they can provide a volume enhancement and a boost of confidence.

Cosmetic solutions and supplements for Alopecia include:
• Thickening shampooing and conditioners
• Hair shedding treatments
• Tonics
• Styling aid
• Hair Building fiber
•Strategic styling and color solutions to enhance shine and volume


Medicinal treatments aims to re-stimulate growth on the follicular level with daily topical application. There are two FDA-approved treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic hair loss) – however only one, Minoxidil, is approved for women:

A non-prescription, topical solution designed for regular application to the scalp. Initially marketed to only men under the brand name Rogaine, it became available to women in 1991. Today, it’s available at various concentration levels (2% and 5% are most common) and sold under multiple brand names. It can take 6-9 months to see results. Only with consistent, ongoing, and indefinite application will regrowth sustain long term. Minoxidil does not work for everyone. You need a specific enzyme present in the hair follicle to convert Minoxidil to its active form. Without adequate levels of this SULT1A1 enzyme, you will not respond successfully to Minoxidil.

find out if Minoxidil will work for you

Minoxidil Response Test

Known commercially as Propecia®, this prescription medication is a pill form approved for men’s hair loss. However, some physicians will prescribe it off-label to women. The reason doctors don’t readily prescribe this drug to women as it is not safe for pregnant women or women planning to conceive as it will harm the fetus. For this reason, most doctors only prescribe Finasteride to post-menopausal women on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to medicinal treatment, there are also supplemental vitamins and minerals to boost hair health, including B-vitamins, Biotin and Folate. It’s important to note that dietary supplementation is more effective for hair loss due to poor nutrition or stress. Supplements are not approved by the FDA to grow hair, prevent or cure Alopecia.

For Alopecia Areata – the second most common type of hair loss - treatment for patients is anti-inflammatory drugs called corticosteroids, which suppress the immune system through injections, oral supplements, or topical applications, according to Medical News Today.

Alternative Solutions

In some cases, cosmetic or medicinal treatment aren’t useful or take too long to work. Meanwhile you’re left to watch your hair thin before your eyes. Hair loss takes an emotional toll, and many women are left feeling like a shadow of their former selves. That’s why it’s paramount to find a solution that enables women to either enhance their natural hair or emulate the appearance of full, healthy, bouncy hair. 

Alternative hair solutions provide a newfound sense of confidence, empowerment, and beauty--inside and out. Wearing hair like a wig or topper can offer newfound confidence to women and help them feel in control of their hair loss.

• Human hair wigs, toppers, and hair pieces
• Clip-in extensions and halos/wires

Not Sure If Wearing Hair Is Right For You? Discover Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Wigs.

Wig Buying GuideWig Buying Guide

Procedural Solutions

The last category of hair loss solutions is procedural and oftentimes is a more intense approach to treating hair loss. Each of these solutions is either non-invasive or elective surgery options:

• Hair transplants
• Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
• Laser Phototherapy
• Scalp Micro-pigmentation

No matter where you're at your hair loss journey, Daniel Alain is with you every step of the way.

Want to learn more about minoxidil - the #1 treatment for alopecia? Download our comprehensive guide to Minoxidil.

Women's Guide to MinoxidilWomen's Guide to Minoxidil
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Daniel Alain
Wonderful Experience

had such a wonderful time visiting Daniel Alain for a hair consultation. I was really struggling with my self image and my hair was a big part of it.

Meeting with a professional consultant, Tracy in person for a free two hour appointment was life changing for me. I got to talk with someone who was sensitive and kind to my needs and gave me advice for styles and options that suited my unique wants and needs.

And if you are interested in visiting, know that they roll out the red carpet and pamper you like crazy! I felt so seen and appreciated. There were no high pressure sales tricks, just good people trying to help women find their peace.

Lastly I've had hair consultations done before, but this was on another level. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a fun, new look!

Hi, Makayla

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us! We are thrilled to hear that you thoroughly enjoyed your visit to our Daniel Alain Headquarters for a consultation.

Our goal is always to help people find a solution to help regain their confidence and feel empowered throughout their personal journey. Thank you again for your glowing feedback!

Warm regards,
The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Karen Godfrey
Thank you Tracy

Tracy has been wonderful. From the first moment I talked with Tracy she made me feel comfortable. The compassion and kindness she shows is genuine. Her knowledge gave me the confidence to make the important decision to buy this beautiful hair piece. If you need someone to guide your journey, chose Tracy.

Dear Karen,
Thank you so much for your kind words. We greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to share your wig buying journey. It warms our hearts to know Tracy was so helpful and compassionate.

We would like to invite you to join our #FolleaFriend community on @Follea Instagram where you can share about your journey and learn helpful tips and tricks for owning a Follea.

Love, The Daniel Alain Team.

Daniel Alain
Detail Oriented, Helpful and knowledgeable

I was looking for a topper for my son’s wedding and Tracy Roma was incredibly helpful. She listened to all my concerns, questions and addressed each one of them. The toppers are such a beautiful quality and so natural looking . I didn’t feel she was selling me anything, but helping and leading me to a perfect fit!! Tracy is an asset to Daniel Alain Inc. Thank you Tracy!!

Dear Cathryn,
Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful experience you had with Tracy. We are pleased to know she was helpful and knowledgeable. It is our goal to provide the highest quality products and customer service we can.

Thank you again for leaving this kind review.

Love, The Daniel Alain Team


The wig journey is exactly that…a journey. I had purchased countless wigs from well known name brands in search of that “one.” Having a large size head limited my selections. I tried both large and average cap sizes only to find myself dealing with pain in the roots of my hair. Or the cap was itchy or the lace irritating to my skin. I usually couldn’t wait until I could rip the wig off my head for relief.

Then I found Daniel Alain and Tracy Romo. Life changing event!!! The Fit Kit is a wonderful way to make certain the cap size is correct and comfortable. The hair swatches provided are a great way to find your perfect color. Tracy guided me through each step of the process. She was patient and always provided an answer to my questions and believe me, after so much invested in pieces that I could not bear to wear, I had many questions!

The end result is absolute “perfection.” The quality of the hair, the most amazingly comfortable cap ever, and a hair piece that looks beautiful and natural!!! This wig moves like biological hair. There is nothing about it that indicates it is a wig. I can and *want* to wear my Style all day…it is that awesome! Thank you Tracy!!! I appreciate you so much and am grateful for all you do!

Hello Joann,
Thank you so much for this very kind review! It is an honor that we are able to be such a positive part of your wig journey! We are pleased to hear Tracy was so patient and helpful with answering your questions! It is our goal to offer the best quality services and products we can!

Please accept our invite to join our @Follea friends community on Instagram, where you can connect with other Follea wig and topper wearers, learn helpful tips and tricks, and more!

Thank you again for your feedback

Xoxo, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Jennifer Hawthorne

I couldn’t be more thankful to have found this company! Navigating hair loss can be scary, depressing, confusing, and stressful to say the least. From my very first consultation with Tracy Romo, I felt comfortable and understood. She and the entire team at Daniel Alain are compassionate, caring, and available every step of the way.

One of my favorite things about Daniel Alain are the articles and videos on their website and their weekly Instagram lives. A wealth of information and so helpful. I also appreciate the women who share their stories, tips, and tricks on Instagram.

Whether you’re new to wigs like I am or looking for a high quality company with amazing customer service, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation.

Thanks again for everything Tracy. I literally cried when I was able to style my wig and feel like myself again.

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you so much for your genuine review. We aspire to offer the best quality products, services, and information. It warms our hearts to know how attentive Tracy was and is before, during and after the wig buying process!

Thank you so much for sharing your real and raw feelings about hair loss, it is very common to feel this way about hair loss which is why our #sHAIRyourjourney campaign was created. We are working with several amazing people in the hair loss community to help end stigmas surrounding hair loss, and alternative hair wearing!

We would love to see you show off your new wig debut on social media! Tag us on Instagram @Follea.

Thank you again Jennifer
Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Lyudmila Kofman
My story

I have a thyroid issue and because of that my hair started falling out, and I have a couple of almost bald spots. I tried different products trying to cover them, and eventually started thinking about getting a wig. Everything I saw online looked very cheap but luckily I found Daniel Alain website, and bingo - I finally saw a wig that I was looking for. I scheduled a consultation with Tracy Romo who explained the whole process in details. I felt like I spoke to a friend. I am so happy with my new wig thanks to Tracy. I won’t feel self conscious about my thinning hair anymore.

Dear Lyudmila,
Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with Follea and Tracy it truly warms our hearts! We greatly appreciate and value your feedback. It is our goal to withhold the absolute best quality products and services. Thank you again for allowing us to be apart of your wig journey.

We would love for you to join our Follea friend community on Social media, where you can #sHAIRyourjourney and learn tips and tricks for your new wig. Find us on Instagram @Follea.

With Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Robin Enright
Absolutely Beautiful

I love my new wig!!! Tracy was so wonderful to work with! I’m definitely a customer for life.
I’ve been wearing wigs for over 10 years and this is the absolute best I’ve found.

Dear Robin,
Thank you so much for sharing this! We are pleased to know that Tracy was able to be a positive part of your wig journey.
We want to invite you to be apart of our #FolleaFriends community on Instagram, where you can share, learn and help end stigmas about wig wearing. Please find us @Follea or #FolleaByDanielAlain.

Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Danielle Diaz
A perfect first wig!

I have been dealing with hair loss for a long time and finally decided to make the leap into wearing wigs. Tracy was incredibly helpful, and I could not be happier with my 14 inch Rene in Cinnamon. The quality of the hair is amazing. Most importantly, I finally feel at peace and confident again. Thank you, thank you!

Hello Love,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Tracy! We are pleased to know we played a role in you regaining your confidence! We strive to offer the best quality products and customer service so your feedback is always appreciated.

We would love to welcome you to our #FolleaFriend community and to our #sHAIRyourjourney campaign on Instagram by sharing your journey through photos, a reel or live using the hashtag #sHAIRyourjourney or tagging us @follea.

Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Ashley is wonderful!

Very impressed with the quality of service and quality of the hair piece!! Five stars!! Don’t waste time anywhere else.

Hello Jessica,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Ashley. We strive to be apart of every step of your journey, to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Jenna D
Unbelievable Experience

I was new to alternative hair and hit my rock bottom and realized I couldn’t put off a wig any longer. Ashley is absolutely incredible. She’s patient, knowledgeable, and so accommodating. She knew how vulnerable I felt and allowed me to take my time and get a piece I would be happiest with.

I am so grateful for this experience and I’m glad I found follea before being too traumatized elsewhere!

Truly, stop looking and buy the wig.

Dear Jenna,
Thank you so much for sharing your consultation experience with Ashley. It brings us so much joy to know she was able to help you find a piece that is best for you. We strive to help women feel comfortable and confident during there hair journey.

Xoxo, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Claire Jenkins

I have emailed and called Daniel Alain numerous times regarding my undelivered order. When ordering they indicated I would receive free 2 day shipping via Fed Ex, but they put my order in the mail and of course tracking says delivery "Failure" and now they will not respond to me either by email nor on the phone. I would not waste my time with this company if I had it to do over.

Dear Claire,

We are sorry to hear you feel you had a bad experience. You ordered the product on Wednesday, February 15. It was sent out the same day and delivery was attempted the morning of February 17 within the 2-day expectation, however there was an issue in accessing your delivery location as indicated by the message left for you below.

“We could not access the delivery location to deliver your package at 9:52 am on February 17, 2023 in NASHVILLE, TN 37215. We will redeliver on the next delivery day. No action

Unfortunately, it is not within our control if issues occur at point of delivery. Our tracking records show the package got to its location in a timely, 2-day window as stated.

In an act of good faith, we refunded you the money as per your request today, February 17. It’s possible you will receive the package tomorrow at the second attempt of delivery. If so, you are welcome to keep the product.

Please contact us with any questions.

Kind regards,
The Daniel Alain Customer Care Team

Daniel Alain
Bridget House
Very helpful

We’ve been seeing a lot of hair loss in our clients due to Covid. Intact has helped to significantly reduce the shed! Our clients love it and so does the salon plumbing!

AMAZING Customer Service!

I recently started losing my hair, and while trying different hair growth options, decided to research a wig to cover the loss while my hair (hopefully) grows back. After scouring the internet I came across the Daniel Alain website and reached out and booked a consult with Tracy Romo. She is the epitome of professionalism and was so incredibly helpful in educating me on which style of wig would suit me best. She is also a hair loss sufferer so it was great being able to share my story with someone who understood what it was like to lose their hair. If you are thinking of purchasing a wig, definitely reach out to Tracy at Daniel Alain. Trust me they are the best!

Dear Danielle,

Thank you so much for sharing your consultation experience with Tracy. It brings us so much joy to know she was able to help you find a piece that is best for you. We strive to help women feel comfortable and confident during there hair journey.

Xoxo, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Tara Tattoli
Fear to FABULOUS!!

Ladies, if you’re asking yourself…”why is this so expensive in comparison to other options?”…don’t and take the plunge. You will know why INSTANTLY when you open it up! This purchase is for YOU to gain your confidence back, to feel pretty and to walk with pride so it’s worth it! We all spend so much on nothing, our kids, stupid things…We are worth investing in ourselves! I’m a first time buyer of a wig and I’m 51 yo. No current cancer or no chemo, just ruined my hair with extensions for many years. I experienced so much denial, fear, and much sadness but…Janet, what an angel…walked me through it, didn’t pressure me and was so incredibly patient with answering all my questions…she made me come to the realization how bad extensions are on your hair and if I’m going to try and see if I can regrow my hair, I need to take the extensions out, allow my head and follicles to breath naturally….all sounds like a good idea right? It was hard for me to realize this and knowing that I’d have to rely solely on a wig now at 51yo! But! As I mentioned above, it is worth it and I feel fabulous! It is so natural looking, it moves with you, it’s comfortable, and not crazy hot! You can style it however you want! I never write reviews but felt this was probably the most important one I could ever write in an effort to help someone else either like me who was afraid of needing a wig, or someone who is simply considering a new one from this company. And most of all, you are never alone through this journey. Janet is reachable and so helpful even after you receive it! I’m on the other side of the country from California and we went on this journey all via zoom and FaceTime! I’d you’re considering this, do it! They also graciously give you 7 days to decide, just keep it intact and no modifications and send it back for your money back or exchange! I didn’t mention that I purchased the “style” model and am extremely happy with it. I’ve only had it a week but wow, I’m me again and in minutes flat, I’m ready to go and look like I stepped out of the salon! If you’ve read this all, I wish you luck and congratulations on getting a new you…a gorgeous you, full of confidence!🤗

Dear Tara,

Your review closely touch all of our hearts and we can hope it does the same for others. We are pleased to know Janet was and is able to help you on your journey. Janet is a valuable asset here at Daniel Alain and to all the people she helps. Your kind words and review are the reason we strive to offer the absolute best quality human hair wigs and toppers. We are honored to be apart of your journey and re-gained self confidence.

Thank you for sharing your vulnerable and inspiring experience.

We would love to invite you to join our #FolleaFriend community on Instagram, Where you can share, learn and grow with other amazing Follea friends.

With Love, The Daniel Alain Team.

Daniel Alain
Kristy Jo Winkler
A+++ Service, Support, Kindness and Knowledge

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for having found Tracy Romo to help me with my wig purchase. If you've arrived at this website and are reading this now, save your time and sanity and work with Tracy.

After visiting and shopping seven local Washington, D.C. area wig shops, I was getting ready to give up. Before chemo, my hair was 24" long, naturally thick, naturally red, and naturally curly. Every single shop didn't care about my needs. I felt misunderstood, there was a serious lack of information provided, a lack of knowledge from the employees, tags cut off to disguise models and brands, switch-a-roos, confusion, lack of inventory, and crappy sales attitudes were all spinning me into crying fits, and more depression. This isn't something I wanted to spend my money or time on and it wasn't pleasurable.

The only thing good that came out of one of the wig shops was the discovery of Daniel Alain Follea wigs. Even then, the shop tried to switch me to a brand that one of the employees co-founded.

After scouring the Daniel Alain website, I booked a consultation with Tracy. She listened astutely to my concerns, asked loads of questions, provided tons of information without my having to ask just the right question, walked me through every step of the process, and genuinely cared about what was going on how and to help.

Tracy went way above and beyond to make sure my experience was the best it could be and that everything was just right for me.

The image below is of my hair before cutting it. I'll provide an image of the wig I purchased when I feel up to taking photos. Tracy was able to help me match the color and other factors beautifully.

Thank you Tracy for making my experience exceptional. xo

Dear Kristy,

Thank you so much for sharing the experience you had with Tracy! It absolutely warms our hearts to know that Tracy could be such a positive, helpful and effective part of your wig journey. Tracy will be your Follea Expert for life and will be by your side for your wig wearing journey. It is always our main goal and top priority to offer the best support and information to help women like you feel beautiful, confident and happy again. We greatly appreciate your feedback and can not thank you enough for trusting us during your journey.

When you are ready please join our Social Media Community @follea on Instagram And Facebook, where you can share, learn and grow with other Follea wig wearers!

With Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Kelly Brooks
amazing customer service

I cant say enough good things about the customer service I received from Janet. I was nervous cause it was my first time ordering from you on top of that I was getting a custom color, not only was the color spot on, but Janet was sooo patient walking me thru the process
I never felt rushed or hurried to make a decision, honestly she was a dream to work with. Now I'm thinking about the next one I'm going to get;)

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. We are glad to know Janet was able to be such a helpful and supportive part of your wig journey. Janet will always be glad to help with any and all questions and concerns you have.

We want to personally invite you to be apart of our @Follea Instagram community where you can Learn, Share, and Grow with other Follea Friends.

Thank you again!
With Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Seeing me

Tracy at Daniel Alain helped me find my perfect follea wig. I could not feel more beautiful and me again when I put it on that day and everyday since. She has been helpful since and I appreciate the time she took with me on a Saturday when I came from out of town. I got a 10in Rene and a 12in style and both have beautiful highlights, fit perfect, even stood up to a wind storm in Arizona. Could not be happier. Thank you Tracy

Hello Angelina,
You look absolutely amazing in your new Follea pieces! We are pleased to know Tracy was able to be such a positive help during your hair journey. We value your feedback as it is our goal to make women feel beautiful!

We invite you to join our @Follea community on Instagram, to learn best practices for your new Follea.

Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Spend the extra money

Tracey is the best. Purchase the wig. Spend the extra money. Countless texts and video calls. Best customer service ever.

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Tracy is an amazing Follea expert and is always willing to help her clients feel confident in there piece!

Love, The Daniel Alain Team

Great product, awesome customer support!!

I have never written a review before but my experience is absolutely noteworthy!
The Rene is a beautiful wig with a very natural look. It is by far the highest quality that I’ve tried. That is a great start to the experience I had with this company. Stylist consultant Tracy Romo is fabulous! She patiently walked me through the entire process to make sure that I received the best fit and style, for me. I cannot say enough about how much she helped me and she did it professionally and with a kind heart. A good product is such an important step to success, but the greatest asset to any business are the people. Tracy is a huge asset, to the company and the product that she represents. Thank you Tracy!

Dear Cecelia,

We are so pleased to receive your review and to know that your experience was 'noteworthy'! It is our main goal to offer the highest quality wigs and more importantly to offer our clients the most support, help and resources during and after their wig journey. We truly value your feedback and are honored to be apart of your wig journey.

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With love, The Daniel Alain Team

My first wig!

My first wig purchase and I could not be happier! I ordered the Rene 10-inch in the color Espresso. Tracy Romo was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. I'm still working up the nerve to go out in public with my new hair but definitely feel more confident now that I have this beautiful wig! Thank you!!

Daniel Alain
Felicia Jean Cresci
This is a great wig!

I absolutely love this wig and I wear it with tons of confidence! I purchased my Daniel Alain Follea Style wig on 12/24/20 and it still looks great! I wear wigs regularly due to hair loss and own other good quality wigs but once purchasing this one it has become my favorite wig and I have been wearing it about 5 days a week for over a year and a half. I wash and style it about once a week, use the best hair products available, style it with a T3 curling iron and even had it colored. I admit it is easier to style when on a stand but I have become pretty good at it and have not damaged it one bit, it still looks heathy and so soft. I wear it up, down, braided and even a pony tail, I do have to be a little creative when wearing it up but basically you can do with it whatever you would if it were your own natural hair.
I still love it so much and there is plenty of wear left but I thought it was time for a change and get a new one. When I went on line to look at styles again I realized I never reviewed it and that is why I am reviewing it now. Oh I almost forgot to mention how light and comfortable it is. I have worn it up to 18 hours, slept in it and even wear it on the beach without it feeling hot and sweaty, it really does not feel like you are wearing a wig. If you are on the fence about purchasing a Daniel Alain wig I can tell you it is a very good quality wig and you won't be sorry. Here are a few pics of me styling it and wearing it in different styles, the one of me in blue was last week and about 2 months after coloring it.

Daniel Alain
Stacy C
Simply the Best

I get so many compliments on this wig. The Cappuccino color is so beautiful! I feel so confident when I wear her. I’ve worn so many of the years and I finally feel like I’ve found the one.

Dear Stacy,

We couldn't be happier to hear how beautiful and confident you feel in your new Follea! It warms our hearts to be apart, and a positive affect during your hair loss journey.

We invite you to join our @Follea community on Instagram, to learn best practices for your new Follea. Thank you so much!

XOXO, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Ruth Tomeo

Beautiful wigs and the best customer service!!

Dear, Ruth
Thank you so much for your kind words! We take comfort in knowing you were pleased with the help and assistance you received during this process.
Xoxo, The Daniel Alain Team

Daniel Alain
Jennifer Rose
Love my Follea Rene - and the amazing customer service!

I considered purchasing a wig for years as my hair became increasingly thin. I finally decided the time was right and I’m so thankful to have found Follea. I purchased the Rene 12 inch in Caramel Latte and I absolutely love it – both the color and style are perfect. Stylist consultant, Tracy Romo, was so incredibly supportive and knowledgeable -- she walked me through every step of the process. She assisted with measurements and answered all of my questions via video calls. I can’t say enough about the amazing customer service I experienced from beginning to end. Tracy guided me in the right direction every step of the way, even sending me helpful videos and styling tips. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my experience.

Daniel Alain
M. Terese Weir
Easy Beauty!

My Follea Style (6-11) is in all honesty the most comfortable wig I've ever worn - and I hate anything on my head! This wig just... goes where it's supposed to, no pulling it this way or that, no realizing your doggone wig is crooked.. AFTER you walk in to work. This success is in no small part to the Fit Kit I was sent to make sure of my size. 😊

Also, to say the hair is beautiful gives beauty a bad name. The hair is stunning. (I wear color Latte.) My consultant, Ashley, virtually took my hand to guide me through the process of buying my wig. Her help was and still is invaluable.

My hairdresser is very comfortable styling wigs. She created just the right "style" for my Style. That said, even straight from the box, Follea rocks!

Reading your Follea experience warms our hearts, our goal and mission is to help women all over the world feel beautiful, confident and like their best self. Ashley is an amazing and knowlegable guide, that will continue to be with you on your hair journey!

We invite you to join our @Follea community on Instagram, to learn best practices for your new Follea.

Thank you very much!


Daniel Alain Team