Kristina Smith

The first thing that really attracted me to TRUMATCH Tape-In extensions was the ability to give my clients a seamless texture match with their own hair texture.

I have been in the hair industry for 14 years and I have been educating for 12 years. I was inspired early on to join the beauty community starting with early visits to my mom’s hairdressers. The first time I ever chose my own stylist to visit, I learned that he was an educator at Paul Mitchell the School. I took a tour of the school at age 15 and my future was certain.

I like to have fun with my clients and I don’t take myself too seriously. Being humble has always helped me maintain a clear head about what my goals are for my clients. I try really hard to see my client’s needs through listening to them and putting myself in their place. Repeat. I LISTEN to my clients. So often we don’t hear each other, we just wait for our turn to talk. When I really hear my clients, it helps me better understand them. This has made my business grow through referrals and word of mouth.

I take time off! Having a part time salon schedule has helped me create a lot of balance in my day to day life and given me more freedom to enjoy my days in, and out of the salon. My husband and I travel often and take trips or have staycations at home whenever we get the opportunity.

My husband and I love to camp and hike. We travel to the Pacific Northwest often to enjoy the Oregon Coast. I go to a lot of concerts and shows, I love live music! I enjoy indoor gardening and have many house plants, or plant babies. I collect vintage glass and I would never turn down a chance to style a pretty dinner party table.

Right now, France and Germany are what I would look forward to planning. However, some of my favorite trips have been right here in our own country! The southwest in the wintertime and the Oregon Coast in summer are my two favorites.

Mya Rudolph. She seems like a really fun time.

When it comes to fashion shades and fun stuff, I find inspiration mostly in the world around me. Deep colors in nature, bright city lights, and light pastel skies. With overall color and style, I’m inspired by two things: tousled, lived-in, effortless colors and style- or really classic, bold shapes and color.

Customer service! I cannot stress this enough. Make your clients feel heard, appreciated, valued, and have fun with them. This is the effort that counts. This is what gets people in your chair. Not likes, follows, an overflowing DM... it’s real life. Treat your clients well and they will tell everyone they know that they should be investing their money in YOU.

The good old golden rule. I constantly try to treat anyone I interact with the same way that I would like to be treated. Even if I don’t always get the same grace, I know that I’ve given the people around me the best version of myself.

They can book directly with me by sending a text or calling 949.235.8327 - you can find me at Workshop in Costa Mesa and in the social media world @kristinalovesmith.

Hair Stylist: Kristina Laney

Salon: Workshop Beauty

Location: 178 Wells Place, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Phone: 949.235.8327