How to Get Shiny and Glossy Hair

How to Get Shiny Hair | Daniel Alain

How to Get Shiny Hair

Oh, shiny, bouncy, gorgeous locks, if only they were as easily attained as the media depicts. Seeing photos of celebrities and influencers with glimmering, picture-perfect hair can start the mental comparison game. It’s easy to feel disappointed or that your hair falls short. Hair that lacks shine is typically called “dull” or “lackluster.” 

The main issue is a lack of moisture, but why your hair isn’t getting enough moisture can vary. Common culprits of dull, lackluster hair include heat damage, nutrient deficiency, or counterproductive beauty routines. You may wonder: Why is my hair not shiny? And while we’re on the subject, what makes hair shine, anyway?

Shiny hair has to do with hair structure anatomy. Healthy hair is generally judged on three criteria: volume, shine, and integrity. All three factors go back to the root, namely the cuticle and cortex. Each hair has a cuticle, the outer layer that surrounds the cortex and protects the hair strand. A healthy cuticle is smooth and lays flat, allowing light to reflect from its surface. That light reflection is how natural hair shine occurs.

In our attempts to achieve lustrous locks, we often sacrifice our hair’s long-term health for short-term results. Damaging hair care routines like repeatedly using heat tools, getting chemical treatments, or overloading on products can have results closer to Stephen King’s The Shining than the effortless shine you desire.

Let’s break this down. In this guide, you’ll learn precisely how to get glossy hair based on scientific research and expert advice. Goodbye bland, hello brilliant!

Best Tips for Shinier Hair

The causes of dull hair may vary, but luckily, there are plenty of easy fixes to take your hair from lackluster to lustrous! All it takes is knowing which habits might be doing more harm than good.

One aspect of hair care that can make or break its luster is your shower routine. While we all love a soothing, hot shower, strands require moderation. The heat and humidity of a hot shower help shampoo cleanse our scalp more effectively and allow the cuticles to open and soak in the moisturizing nutrients in conditioner. 

However, if the cuticles don’t close, hair loses moisture as natural oils strip away more easily, along with many of the beneficial ingredients in your conditioner. Instead, rinse the conditioner out with cold water to close the cuticle, locking in all that nourishing moisture and shine.

After the shower, we recommend scrunching the hair to squeeze out excess water before wrapping it in a microfiber towel. Instead of the towel, or after the towel has soaked up a good amount of water, apply a heat protectant and let hair air dry, or use a blow-dryer on a cool setting. If you shower at night, opt for a silk pillowcase over cotton to reduce friction and prevent your pillow from absorbing that precious moisture. 

Ready for some more shiny hair tips?  Read on as we go over the industry do's and don'ts for getting glossy, radiant hair. 

Ditch Sprays & Opt for Oils or Serums

Shine sprays, also called “shimmering spray” or “shine enhancer,” may seem like the perfect solution when it comes to glossy hair products. However, this “perfect solution” is often too good to be true.

Most shine sprays are alcohol-based, meaning the product evaporates quickly. If you’re trying to avoid greasy hair, this may seem like the ideal choice. But alcohol can take away your hair’s natural oils, making your scalp overcompensate to make up the difference. For fine and thin hair, in particular, this is a recipe for greasy, lifeless locks.

The healthier option? A trusty hair shine oil. Research shows that hair oils can protect your hair by preventing excessive water from clogging the hair shaft and keeping harmful substances from getting into the follicle. Plus, the oil will stop friction that can lead to breakage. If you’re worried about film or residue, the right oil will penetrate deep enough only to leave a thin layer of film, if any.

So Which Oils Create The Best Hair Shine? 

Here are our top recommendations:

  • Saturated and Monosaturated Oils. These may apply to various oils, but saturated and monosaturated oils diffuse into the hair better than polyunsaturated oils.
  • Certain Plant Oils. Nature tends to do it best, and plant oils are great for natural moisture, as long as they can penetrate the hair. A study comparing the effects of mineral oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil on reducing protein loss in hair found that coconut oil was the only one that made a significant difference. Other great plant oils include almond, avocado, jojoba, and argan oil.
  • Brazilian Plant Extract Oils. A similar study comparing oils and butters made from various Brazilian plant extracts concluded that hair shine treatment with oils was better than butters at increasing glossiness and reducing split ends. 

Whichever hair shine oil you go with, start with a dime-sized amount once or twice a week.

You can even try a hot oil hair shine treatment! After washing your hair, heat a few tablespoons of oil in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Apply an even coat of the oil from your roots to your ends, massaging it into the scalp. Leave it in for half an hour and hop back in the shower to rinse it out.

Shifting to our regular shower routine, choosing the right conditioner is essential for locking in glistening locks.



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Use The Right Conditioner

You know to rinse the conditioner out with cold water, right? But what kind of conditioner is the best at locking in the nutrients your follicles crave?

It may seem obvious, but a good conditioner should provide moisture and hydration after shampooing. 

Our hair molecules are negatively charged, even more so for damaged hair. Conditioner has a specific surfactant that’s positively charged. Opposites attract, so our hair is drawn to the conditioner. The results? Less static and frizz, less damage-inducing friction, and most importantly, flattened cuticles that can shine like the rockstars they are.

With that in mind, the right ingredients can elevate your hair to next-level, “what’s the secret to her fabulous hair?” shimmer. Which conditioners boast the best hair shine?

  • Keratin. As the main component of our hair’s structure, keratin is responsible for sustaining smooth and glossy hair. Conditioners with keratin can restore shine from the inside out. 
  • PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate (PBEM). For hair that’s light or medium in color, a 2009 study found that PBEM was an incredibly effective ingredient for increasing hair shine.
  • Certain Silicones. Some silicones can lead to build-up, but others can protect and moisturize your hair. Dimethicone, polysiloxane polymers, and keratin hydrolysates are good silicones.

Does all that science have your head spinning? Then it’s time for a relaxing massage!

Massage Your Scalp

If getting a massage gives you an inner glow, that shines through to your hair, too! There’s a reason why expert stylists massage shampoo into your scalp. Besides relieving stress, which has hair growth benefits, scalp massages can make your hair thicker, healthier, and of course, shinier!

How does a scalp massage lead to natural hair shine? For one, it increases blood circulation in the scalp, which helps regulate the hair growth cycle. Massaging the scalp stretches your hair follicles gently, creating a larger space for thicker hairs to come through. This also prevents the follicles from miniaturizing, which can stop new hairs from growing over time.

The research backs this up. One 2019 study instructed participants experiencing hair loss to spend six months massaging their scalp for 11-20 minutes per day. Over two-thirds of the participants reported more hair growth and less hair loss!

You’re welcome to get a professional scalp massage, but you can create the same effects at home with easy scalp care:

  • On dry hair, gently press your fingertips into your scalp in small, circular motions. Repeat this over your entire scalp for 5-10 minutes.
  • While shampooing, use the same process above, dispersing the shampoo evenly into the scalp.
  • Give your hands a rest, and use a separate tool to do the job, like a pronged head massager, silicone shampoo brush, or an exfoliating brush.

Speaking of which, using the proper brush can be a godsend for infusing moisture and shine into lackluster hair.

Use High Quality Detangling Pin Brush,  Bristle Brush, or Sensitive Scalp Brush

Many of us brush our hair simply to get rid of tangles without thinking about moisture. Getting glossy hair requires a brush that detangles and acts as a carrier for distributing natural oils throughout the hair.

A regular old paddle brush can untangle knots, but pure nylon or metal bristles can catch on hairs, leading to tugging and breakage. For the best hair shine, use a bristle brush. Bristle brushes are stiffer and bushier than nylon brushes, which allows them to carry your hair’s natural oils from the scalp. After you brush through your hair, it’ll be shimmering from scalp to ends!  We fall in love with these brushes from Daniel Alain! Each Daniel Alain brush is artfully sculpted from a single piece of African Kotibe Wood based on age old traditions and utilizing the most premium of materials.

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It goes without saying that washing and brushing are standard, but your hair’s radiance isn’t just external. What’s going on inside your body is just as crucial for natural hair shine. 

Up Your Omega Game

Your hair is part of your body, so eating well is crucial for keeping it healthy and glowing. Steroid hormones are responsible for keeping hair follicles locked into the scalp. Incorporating the right fats into your diet can increase hair shine because, for steroid hormones to synthesize, the body must convert cholesterol into these hormones. 

Research from 2016 shows that fatty acids can help strengthen hair, reduce hair fall, and help the scalp secrete more sebum (natural oils). Plus, not eating enough healthy fats can dehydrate your hair, sometimes to the point of hair loss.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to the rescue! Fish are the best source of omega-3, but walnuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds are excellent sources, too. For omega-6, try nuts, plant oils, eggs, and sunflower seeds. Better yet, throw them all over some leafy greens for a nutrient-packed, delicious salad!

Protect Your Hair During Heat Treatments

Virtually any type of damage to your hair will make it dryer, weaker, and duller, especially heat damage. Heat damage can come from hot styling tools, UV rays, and permanent hairstyling processes like perms or relaxers. Every process that uses heat or chemicals to change your hair’s natural texture or shape dries out the hair and weakens hair fiber structure.

Don’t worry; you can still use blow dryers and flat irons, just as long as you protect your hair first. Give your hair a boost of hydration and protection by stocking up on proven-effective glossy hair products. 

Before using heat tools, apply a generous spritz of heat protectant or detangling spray over your tresses. Between permanent styling appointments or days you don’t use heat tools, restore moisture by applying a conditioning hair mask. You can use a store-bought mask or DIY a hair mask at home with one of the hair shine oils mentioned earlier.

How to Make Hair Shiny Instantly

If you follow all of our shiny hair tips, you’re on track to achieving the best hair shine you’ve ever had! The bad news? It won’t happen overnight. Attaining healthy, glossy hair means taking a holistic approach with small changes in your hair care routines

Most of the steps you can take to get beautiful hair focus on prevention. For instance, you can prevent hair thinning or shedding from clogged pores by keeping your scalp clean and hydrated. Even just brushing your hair before you shower (instead of after) can do wonders for your hair’s luster.

While you’re prepping for the shower, you can also take advantage of the best product for hair shine: INTACT!

INTACT Scalp & Hair Treatment

Of all the shiny hair products on the market, INTACT outshines them all. Top scientists and dermatologists created our patented formula to wash all your hair insecurities down the drain and keep your hair on your head. So, what’s the science behind INTACT?

INTACT contains two key ingredients: Sevilla Orange extract and coconut fatty acids. Clinical research has proven that Sevilla Orange extract contracts the hair follicle by activating the arrector pili muscle. This contraction locks the hair in place, strengthening it against tension and breakage. After the extract works its magic, coconut fatty acids infuse your hair with moisture and, most importantly, shine, shine, and more shine!

How do you use INTACT? Apply INTACT to your hair and scalp, massaging it in and letting it sit. After 30 minutes, hop in the shower and do your typical hair washing routine. INTACT is so powerful; you’ll notice an increase in body and shine after one use.

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Flaunt that Shiny, Bouncy Hair Today!

INTACT Anti Hair Shedding Treatment

When it comes to gorgeous hair, having radiant, shiny locks is on the top of most of our lists. You don’t have to be a celebrity with a personal stylist to get the best hair shine, though. If you follow the tips laid out in this guide, your natural hair shine will be turning heads daily!

Are you looking for the hair shine treatment of your dreams? Try INTACT today!

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