FOLLEA Dating 101 / How to Date with a Wig

I’m nervous about my wig!  Do I tell him?

The time has come: you’re on a date with the person of your dreams but all you can think about is, “Will they notice my hairpiece?!” Don’t fret, this dynamic person you’re staring back at is only thinking about how awesome you truly are!

Dating with a wig can be nerve-racking enough on its own – but adding the concern whether you share you wear hair can make things even more stressful! Don’t worry. Daniel Alain is here to help. We spoke to many #FolleaFriend to find out how they handle dating with hair loss and intimate settings wearing wigs. We learned from being confident and upfront to keeping mysterious and private, it’s all about you!

#FolleaFriend Nakia shares her advice, “No one is entitled to know anything about you without earning that right. Personally, dating and wearing wigs is not that bad. If you are confident in the hair you are wearing and how you feel, that will project outward,” Nakia continues, “Most men could care less about ‘fake hair.’ It’s been my experience that men want a confident, attractive and sexy woman in their arms. You can choose how much you want to share; some men won’t even ask.”

Prefer to be upfront about your wig on a first date?
#FolleaFriend Melissa Douglas shares, “I usually tell them pretty early on just to be honest and keep the conversation open.” That’s a great tip, Melissa! In fact, Psychology Today supports being upfront in a relationship; “What honesty gives you is a great deal of comfort. Knowing you can implicitly trust your mate allows you to be your best self, and your relationship will continue to thrive because you can give each other the positive energy you need to navigate life’s ups and downs.”
YouTuber and wig wearer, Destiny Godley, believes, “Feel out the person you are with and are you worried about just letting them know or worried about their reaction?” Godley recommends showing up one day with a short style wig then the next date with a long style wig as they will automatically know its not your natural hair. Godley then adds, “As long as it’s a good wig, why does it even matter?” We say, “Destiny, you’re a queen in our eyes!”


Ready to pair a FOLLEA wig with a romantic hairstyle that will catch your lover’s attention?

Here’s a recap of dating tips for wig wearers:


1. Be confident in the wig you are wearing. 

2. Decide if you you want to share or not.

3. If you decide to be upfront, share your hair loss.

4. If you decide to keep it private, set your boundaries.

5. The right person will love you just the way you are!

The most important takeaway is to remember whichever you decide, it's your choice.  We hope now, your mind is at ease and you can unleash your inner sparkle and enjoy the rest of your date, whenever that may take you.

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